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"It´s called overamping": experiences of overdose among people who use methamphetamine

Harding, Robert W.; Wagner, Katherine T.; Fiuty, Phillip; Smith, Krysti P.; Page, Kimberly; Wagner, Karla D.

"The DEA would come in and destroy you": a qualitative study of fear and unintended consequences among opioid prescribers in WV

Sedney, Cara L.; Haggerty, Treah; Dekeseredy, Patricia; Nwafor, Divine; Caretta, Martina Angela; Brownstein, Henry H.; Pollini, Robin A.

"They say it´s fentanyl, but they honestly look like Perc 30s": Initiation and use of counterfeit fentanyl pills

Daniulaityte, Raminta; Sweeney, Kaylin; Ki, Seol; Doebbeling, Bradley N.; Mendoza, Natasha

"We need to build a better bridge": findings from a multi-site qualitative analysis of opportunities for improving opioid treatment services for youth

Marchand, Kirsten; Fogarty, Oonagh; Pellatt, Katrina Marie; Vig, Kayly; Melnychuk, Jordan; Katan, Christina; Khan, Faria; Turuba, Roxanne; Kongnetiman, Linda; Tallon, Corinne; Fairbank, Jill; Mathias, Steve; Barbic, Skye

"You can´t go wrong being safe ": Motivations, patterns, and context surrounding use of fentanyl test strips for heroin and other drugs

Reed, Megan K.; Guth, Amanda; Salcedo, Venise J.; Hom, Jeffrey K.; Rising, Kristin L.

´Case of the Month´ from Oxford University Hospitals, Oxford, UK: ketamine uropathy with metallic stents and obstructing calculusY

Hamilton-Baillie, Agnes; Lewis, Francesca; Menzies-Wilson, Richard; Bryant, Richard J.; Turney, Benjamin W.

´Not at all what I had expected´: Discontinuing treatment with extended-release naltrexone (XR-NTX): A qualitative study

Brenna, Ida Halvorsen; Marciuch, Anne; Birkeland, Bente; Veseth, Marius; Rostad, Bente; Loberg, Else-Marie; Solli, Kristin Klemmetsby; Tanum, Lars; Weimand, Bente


(???????)Targeting a6GABA(A) receptors as a novel therapy for schizophrenia: A proof-of-concept preclinical study using various animal models

Lee, Ming Tatt; Mouri, Akihiro; Kubota, Hisayoshi; Lee, Hsin-Jung; Chang, Man-Hsin; Wu, Chen-Yi; Knutson, Daniel E.; Mihovilovic, Marko; Cook, James; Sieghart, Werner; Nabeshima, Toshitaka; Chiou, Lih-Chu


A Survey of Knowledge and Barriers of Healthcare Professionals toward Opioid Analgesics in Cancer Pain Management

Ayoub, Nehad M.; Jibreel, Malak; Nuseir, Khawla; Al-Taani, Ghaith M.


Aerobic Exercise Improves Methamphetamine-Induced Olfactory Dysfunction Through alpha-Synuclein Intervention in Male Mice

Wang, Zhuo; Zheng, Rui; Wang, Xiaohan; Huang, Xuekun; Huang, Jian; Gu, Cihang; He, Yitong; Wu, Shuo; Chen, Jingyuan; Yang, Qintai; Qiu, Pingming


Are There Neural Overlaps of Reactivity to Illegal Drugs, Tobacco, and Alcohol Cues? With Evidence From ALE and CMA

Li, HuiLing; Zhao, Dong; Liu, YuQing; Xv, JingWen; Huang, HanZhi; Jin, Yutong; Lu, Yiying; Qi, YuanYuan; Zhou, Qiang


Ethylphenidate determination in oral fluids by molecularly imprinted polymer extraction and ion mobility spectrometry

Garcia-Atienza, P.; Esteve-Turrillas, F. A.; Armenta, S.; Herrero-Martinez, J. M.


Long-term monitoring of drug consumption patterns during the COVID-19 pandemic in a small-sized community in Brazil through wastewater-based epidemiology

Hahn, Roberta Zilles; Bastiani, Marcos Frank; Feltraco Lizot, Lilian de Lima; Schneider, Anelise; da Silva Moreira, Isabela Caroline; Meireles, Yasmin Fazenda; Viana, Mariana Freitas; do Nascimento, Carlos Augusto; Linden, Rafael


Neurodegeneration Within the Amygdala Is Differentially Induced by Opioid and HIV-1 Tat Exposure

Nass, Sara R.; Ohene-Nyako, Michael; Hahn, Yun K.; Knapp, Pamela E.; Hauser, Kurt F.

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